Högbergsskolan, Tierp. 2002

Wood and steele

Placed i a corridor in a School for Tecnology.

The schools profile, aims and vision, as well as architectural design influenced my choice of material and form.
In this particular environment, where students and staff spend a day and continuously passes, the site of the work is limited. I chose to place the artwork in the roof construction beams and partly on the walls. In the search for the best idea, my aim was that the artwork should be playful, decorative and associative.
I wanted to create a feeling of floating bodies similar to the image of the orbits and planets we know from various astronomical descriptions, or the invisible flow of electric current. The form and position relates to the volume of the room, and creates an interaction with architectural space, and helps to make the place unique. The artwork offers the viewer an experience that is both physical and visual.


©Emir Krajisnik 2017